Behind the scenes

Berbice Beyond Bags is a Dutch designstudio and workshop founded by Maureen Jonkman.

The design studio designs and makes the samples. It usually takes a lot of time to realize one production. Therefore we are very lucky we have met a small family atelier with the best craftsmen close to Venice to produce our leather necessities with lots of love.

Our workshop produces the leather necessities and earrings, occasionally bespoke products and serves as a service station in case of repair.

We strive for the use of vegetable tanned leather that gives the products that lovely natural leather feeling. In other cases we choose for the half waxed bovine, aniline finished leather for a more sporty look but still approaches the natural skin.

Maureen is fascinated by interior design and architecture. The quatre foil shape seen on many Berbice bags arises from a window seen on a small church in Portugal. Every bag has a different lining for the inside and outside pockets, for which the fabrics from Designers Guild are used.

Berbice Beyond Bags is named after the Dutch Berbice manor.