The quality of the materials used is crucial to make a product a luxury product.

berbice-beeldmerkVegetable-tanned leather

The high quality Tuscany vegetable-tanned leather we use is still produced according to traditional techniques. A lot of care and passion is put in the process of turning raw hides into leather.

Vegetable-tanning is an extraordinary productive process, performed by the skilled hands of master tanners, based on the exact mix of vegetable tannins, good water and patience. The results are leathers that satisfy the needs of a niche market in which not only high quality, but also style and individuality are fundamental requisites.

Extracts from primarily chestnut, mimosa and quabrancho are used for this vegetable-tanning.


The YKK Excella zipper is the highest quality metal zipper with fully polished elements, therefore a very soft zipper. The shiny beautiful look creates a luxury appearance to the bags.


Where it is possible to use brass in the hardware, it is Berbice’s choice. Brass components are the strongest and they stay beautiful during use.